Our Strengths

Presence in the Market

AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we believe in empowering the economically deprived areas with the blessing of renewable energy sources. Our journey of clean and green energy has left footprints not only in India but also in the Middle East as well as the African continent. We strive to manifest the idea of ‘Clean Green Energy’ from mega cities to small remote pockets in any country.

Professional Team

Our team of experts is highly capable and skilled, with engineering expertise in design and execution. Our team of professionals are constantly striving to achieve excellency in the field of Energy efficiency. Our team has contributed to reducing energy costs by as high as 29% of the total consumption, through their engineering capabilities andthe innovative products we offer.


We duly do our part and contribute to the society through various CSR activities. We also motivate others around us to take green measures for sustainability. We believe together we can find greater solutions and contribute immensely to this global cause.

Customer Relationship

We foster Long-term relationship and focus on continuously improving efficiency of your system by offering reliable services and delivering them on time. AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. diligently strives to satisfy its customers and the urgent need to conserve energy.


We envision the development of the industry as a leading innovator and help safeguard the health and safety of people and environment through quality products and services with highest level of standards maintained.

unique selling point

  • The team holds a remarkable experience in the field of engineering for over 40 years, thus allowing us to offer technical and commercial advisory services.
  • We provide one stop solution by integrating quality technology through advanced engineering to achieve energy conservation and green energy generation.
  • We have tied with companies complying to international standards and ISO certified, thus ensuring quality of processes and products.

Supporting customers

AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is more than a company, we are determined to accompany our customers at each step and provide top notch customer services. We are here to create a difference in the society by making customers realize their total energy consumption and carbon footprint. Our innovative solutions will help millions to conserve energy and switch to cleaner energy. Right from getting all the paperwork done to monitoring of repairs, AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. competent customer-care team ensures that customers enjoy a world class service.