About AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strive to change the way we use energy today. Ensuring a better and different way of life through safer, more convenient and cost-effective access to energy.

Innovation and conservation being the two pillars of the company, we assist industries and institutions like, hospitals, hotels, factories, across the globe, to improve energy efficiency and take control of the energy costs. Leveraging our expertise and technology through our proven energy conservation products and solutions. We implement our conservation strategy after thorough Energy & Power Quality Audits, which enhances uptime, thereby improving the life of electrical and electronic equipments, improving air quality and so on.

In the recent past, we have successfully achieved cost reduction of energy bills by as high as 29%. The indirect savings include higher production due to low equipment downtime and higher utilization of man-hours as well as machine hours.

AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is founded to address the immediate need for energy conservation, therefore, we aspire to contribute to the sustainable development of the world for a better course of time.

"It is now upon us to save our future generations. Depleting natural resources and drastic environmental changes are alarming signs to take immediate measures. A joint approach of conserving energy and developing alternatives for clean energy can help sustain our life"


Our Philosophy


We aspire to become a global leader for bringing the world closer to the marvels and performance of renewable energy by innovating green technology for energy conservations


Our aim is not to be one in a million but to be the only one in the industry.
We are committed to achieve green success through energy saving solutions leaving a positive imprint on the society. Thus, we efficiently make users life simpler, safer and comfortable by maintaining quality throughout.


We are committed towards making a positive and proactive contribution to the community. As a responsible corporate, we will contribute to and abide by environmental and legal norms.

  • AB Energía Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the ultimate destination point for people who share our passion
  • We focus on energy conservation and wish to make the world a better and sustainable place to live in
  • Our goal is to improve the life of millions and strive to contrive and deliver a world class customer experience
  • Together we can protect the environment and create value for all
Guiding Principles
  • Keep environment as our first priority
  • Care for our customers safety
  • Transparent - Work with honesty and integrity
  • Balance short term and long term goals
  • Respect all and succeed together